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 Very Important News For Northern Regional Racing 
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Post Very Important News For Northern Regional Racing
This is very important and a must read - MSA has changed certain rules!

Welcome to Northern Regions Racing 2010! With the inauguration of the NRSC – Northern Regions Sub Committee - on the 3rd December 2009,
all Northern Regions competitors now have representation with regards to Regional Racing.

The objective of the NRSC is to facilitate communication between competitors, the Clubs and the MSA. The NRSC will strive to ensure that Regional Racing is all about the passion and pleasure of Circuit Racing, that processes affecting competitors are conducted in a consultative environment and that the status of Regional Racing can be elevated to a level with increased numbers of competitors and spectators.

The NRSC have been instrumental in the compilation of the 2010 Rules – published on the 1 February 2010. With the assistance of the MSA and in particular – Messrs Francios Pretorius, Adrian Scholtz, Commission President – George Portman and the invaluable assistance of Ms Maria Buys,
the 2010 rules have followed a far more inclusionary process than ever before.

Who makes up the NRSC?
What are the Classes that make up 2010 Northern Regions Racing?
Important Considerations that you have to be aware of for Northern Regions 2010 Racing
Interested in joining Regional Racing?
Provisional Dates for 2010
Entry Form for 13 February 2010
What would you like to know?

Who makes up the NRSC?

As mentioned before the NRSC was inaugurated on the 3rd December 2009. The following office bearers were elected:

Chairman: Christo Reeders
Vice Chairman: Clinton Pienaar clinton@superbikemag,
Secretary: Karen Landi

Christo Reeders was also elected as the Northern Regions Representative following the resignation of John Mitchell

Representing MRC
Alan Hickey , Carol van den Berg and Leon van den Berg

Representing MS 2000
Louis van Bergen, Sue le Roux and Dinks Teale

Technical Compliance Officer – Northern Regions Racing
Andre Venter

For MRC Events – Yolande Steenberg
For MS 2000 Events – Schultz Swanepoel

Northern Regions Marshal Control
Headed by Kobus Steenberg, a team of 5 Marshals

Class Representatives
CBR 150 & GP 125: Carl Torlage
600’s: Neil Harran
BOTTS: Mick Landi
Breakfast Run Class: Grant Shearer
Classic SuperBikes: Gary Hunter
Formula Xtreme: Peter van Niewkerk
Kawasaki Ninjas: Francios de Lange
Ladies 600’s: Wilmarie Janse van Rensburg
NSF 100: Neill Harran
SuperBike Class: TBA
SV 650’s: Kenny Strydom

The NRSC meet after each race meeting. A commentary on the meeting is distributed via email to all Office Bearers and Class Representatives and is available to all competitors upon request.

What are the Classes that make up 2010 Northern Regions Racing?

1. The 150 CUP
The 150 Cup is for riders between the ages of 10 and 20 years of age. The eligible motorcycles for this class are any make of 125cc and 150cc four-stroke single cylinder road going and road legal motorcycles sold in South Africa. The 150 Cup is a Regional Class.
The Class Representative is Carl Torlage and he can be contacted on 082 – 464 – 7614 or by emailing

2. The GP 125 Racing Class
The GP 125 Class is for riders from 12 years of age. Eligible motorcycles for this class are any single cylinder two-stroke motorcycle with an engine capacity in excess of 121cc and less than 128cc. The GP 125 Racing Class is a Regional Class.
The Class Representative is Carl Torlage and he can be contacted on 082 – 464 – 7614 or by emailing

3. The 600cc Supersport Class
The 600cc Regional racing class has been the most fertile breeding ground for our National Racing Champions, guys like Sheridan Morias, Greg Geldenhuys, Lance Isaacs and Clint Sellar to name but a few, all cut their teeth in the Regional 600 class before venturing on to the National scene. There are many beginner classes for youngsters to learn how to race but it’s only once they get onto the 600cc bikes that they start experiencing true high performance bikes. This class teaches them bike set up, tyre wear and engine power characteristics. Once a rider start performing in the top 5 on a regular basis (s)he is ready to move up to the National class, where the bikes run on exactly the same rules, so his regional bike will be able to be used in the National series as well. It’s also the ideal platform for any aspiring young rider to try and get a ride overseas as the bikes they will ride their will be very similar to the bikes they ride here. The 600cc Class is a Regional Class
The Class Representative is Neil Harran and he can be contacted on 082-560-3684 or by emailing

The BOTT’s Class is for riders from 15 years of age. Eligible motorcycles for this class are twin-cylinder four-stroke motorcycles with unlimited engine capacity. The BOTT’s class has a strong presence in Regional Racing with a well established BOTT’s Brand including clothing, annual BOTT’s Ball, BOTT’s Blog and assorted legendary BOTT’s personalities. There are three categories of trophies up for grabs in BOTT’s races including Podium Trophies, Master’s Class Trophies (elegibility from 45 years of age) and Performance Index Awards. The BOTT’s Class is a Regional Class.
The BOTT’s Class Representative is Mick Landi and he can be contacted on 082 446 8634 or by emailing

The Breakfast Run Class is the largest class in Northern Regions Racing. The objective of the Class is to provide an entry level race format for novice riders to compete with other riders of a similar skill level without being intimidated by super fast riders. The Breakfast Run Class facilitates the move from Track Day enthusiast to Circuit Racer. This enables riders to build their race experience, skill, improve lap times and depending on individual ability and ambition, progress to the faster Northern Regions Classes – with a choice of Formula Xtreme, BOTT’s, 600’s or SuperBikes. Eligibility of riders is determined by average lap times. Any rider holding a Club / Regional Race License with lap times slower than the specified average lap time is eligible to compete. The average lap times are Kyalami – 1:57, Phakisa - 1:52:500, Zwartkops – 1:11:500. Even if you have never raced but have recorded average lap times faster than these benchmarks at any of these circuits, you are not eligible to race in Breakfast Run. Once a level of competence is reached, riders are required to move from Breakfast Run to a faster Regional Class. 600cc and larger capacity SuperBike motorcycles are permitted to take part. No Super Motards are eligible for entry.
There are 2 categories of trophies in The Breakfast Run Class – Podium Trophies and Performance Index Awards. The Breakfast Run Class is a Club Class.
The Breakfast Club Class Representative is Grant Shearer and he can be contacted on 083-375-8055 or by emailing You can register for the class at

The Classic SuperBike Class showcases motorcycles from different periods, a variety of different models of motorcycles competing on equal terms, resulting in the declaration of a Classic SuperBike Champion. Standard Production Motorcycles from 1982 – 1985 are included together with Modified Production Motorcylces up to and including models from 1981, add to this Modified Production Motorcycles Classics 400 from 1985 – 1999, 400cc four strokes and 250cc two strokes for a racing spectacle! The Classic SuperBike Class is a Regional Class.
The Classic SuperBike Class Representative is Gary Hunter and he can be contacted on 0827730018, 0114752179 (h), 0118828030(w), or by emailing, please visit:

This is the debut season for the Formula Xtreme Class and is the ideal class for those progressing from The Breakfast Run Class. Riders are eligible to compete from the age of 15 years. Any rider who has held a national license in the past 5 years ie 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 is not eligible to compete in Formula Xtreme. The objective is to run the race separate from the Superbikes – Limited class and therefore not be exposed to the National riders who have in the past used the regional series as a testing ground for national races. The Championship is open to motorcycles with a capacity greater than 500cc four cyclinders, four stroke. Formula Xtreme has 2 categories of trophies – Podium Trophies and Performance Index Awards. The Performance index Awards will favour those with slower times as they have a great room for improvement so the up and coming Breakfast run racers will definitely have the edge. There will also be end of year prizes of Shoei helmets for the top three Performance index winners. Sponsors have been found for pit shirts and hopefully we can look at getting personalized shirts made later on in the year. Formula Xtreme is a Club Class but you can enter with a regional licence.
The Formula Xtreme Class Representative is Peter van Niewkerk and he can be contacted on 083 271 7507 or 011 672 9008 or by emailing

Another new class for 2010 is the Kawasaki Ninja 250 R. This class is for riders from the age of 12 years of age and excludes national and international competitors. The eligibility of motorcycles is limited to Kawasaki 250 Ninja motorcycles imported by KMSA. The class is designed to be cost effective with absolutely minimal modifications. The objective of the class is to produce a Champion purely based on skill. The Kawasaki Ninja 250 R Club Class is a Club Class.
The Class Representative is Francios de Lange and he can be contacted on 082-808-2837 or by emailing .

The fourth class to make to make its debut in 2010 is exclusively for women and it is the Ladies 600cc Supersport Cup. Riders have to be 15 years to enter. Motorcycles of any year are eligible. Numbers have to be pink with a black border on a white background. This is a Club Class.
The Class Representative is Wilmarie Janse Van Rensburg and she can be contacted on 083-780-0029 or by emailing

10. NSF 100 CLASS
The NSF 100 Class features for the first time in 2010. Honda South Africa and South African Motorcycle Academy (S.A.M.A) is launching a promotional mono brand Cup, NSF100 Junior Trophy for 2010.
The aim of the Cup is to promote and foster young talents and to prepare them for future racing. It is the first stage of the NSF100 Junior Trophy Development Program, and national talent scout initiative, created jointly by Honda and S.A.M.A under the auspices of MSA. The official series name will be “NSF100 Junior Trophy”. This class is for riders between the ages of 8 and 13. The NSF 100 Class is a Club Class.
The Class Representative is Neil Forbes and he can be contacted on 083 630 4253 or by emailing

11. The Superbike Class
The Superbike class for 2010 will be entering its second year with the rules following the current national rules for the 1000cc class. It is mainly standard production bikes with fairly limited modifications. This class has been introduced with it being a stepping stone for regional riders to progress to National’s and further their racing careers.
The class rep is still to be announced and will be done at Zwartkops at the first Regional Race.

The Suzuki SV-650 Cup races with BOTT’s but is a separate Championship as a class within a class. There is a Class A and Class B category in the SV-65- Cup. Class A is for riders between the ages of 13 and 25. Class B is for riders above the age of 26. Only official Suzuki South Africa imported motorcycles may be used in this series. The SV-650 Cup is a Regional Class.
The Suzuki Class Representative is Kenny Strydom and he can be contacted on 082-565-0986 or by emailing

Important Considerations that you have to be aware of for Northern Regions 2010 Racing

1. Scrutineering Books
All Competitors will be required to have a Scrutineering Book which will need to be presented at every Race, failure to do so will result in a 30 second penalty. These MSA Scrutineering Books are approximately R22.00 and are available from The MSA or from Registration at Zwartkops on the 13th February 2010.

2. Race Fuel
According to the 2010 Rules, Race Fuel is permitted with provisions. The one provision is that it has to be purchased at the Track. We are still in negotiations with fuel companies to find a supplier.

3. Generators
We are no longer required to run generators. However, should there be a power outage, the Race Meet will not be delayed due to lack of supply for tyre warmers. It is advised that a few generators are brought to the track in the event of a power outage. For tracks where we are aware of power problems, it will be necessary to bring generators.

4. 2010 Rules
The 3 considerations mentioned above are just 3 of many considerations that need to be adhered to. Each Class has its own set of rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of each and every rider to ensure that (s)he has read the 2010 rules and understands them, agrees to abide by them. Not knowing the rules is no defense for the breaking of rules. For a copy of the 2010 Rules please download from the link below:


5. TCO
Northern Regions Racing is delighted to have been appointed a TCO – Andre Venter. The rules will be enforced and the classes will be far more strictly monitored than ever before. It is advised that you know the rules governing your class and that you adhere to them. Should you transgress any rules, you will be penalized. It is the intention of the NRSC to ensure that everyone racing in Regionals will be able to do so on a level playing field and in accordance with the rules and guidelines specified by the MSA.

6. Entries for Races
As of the second race of the season – 27th March 2010, all entries will have to be in 14 days prior to the race date ie by no later than Saturday 13th March 2010. All late entries will be subject to a late entry fee and in the classes where numbers are limited, only those that enter on time will be able to race. The NRSC will assist you in this regard by sending out the Regulations and Entry Forms on behalf of the hosting Club.


1. Read more about “Starting in Motorsport” by the MSA

2. Choose a Class best suited to you and your motorcycle

3. Contact the Class Rep for more information

4. Contact the 2 Clubs – MRC and MS2000 and choose one!
You have to be a member of a Club. Cost – annual membership – R50,00 - R60,00
MRC APP 2010 MS2000 APP 2010

5. Register on line for your MSA Membership – Club License – Regional License

6. Contact Maria Buys and reserve your Race Number

7. Email NRSC Secretary – Karen Landi – with your details to ensure that you don’t miss any Northern Regions News, Views, Events and Information, Entry Forms and Regulations, and MSA Bulletins -

8. Join us as the Races – “it is the most fun that you can have with your clothes on!”

9. Bring your family and friends for a great day out where all are welcome!

2010 Racing Calendar

13 February 2010 - MRC - Zwartkops - Confirmed
27 March 2010 - MS 2000 – Zwartkops - Confirmed
17 April 2010 – MRC – Kyalami - TBC
22 May 2010 - MS 2000 - Zwartkops / Midvaal
17 July 2010 - MS 2000 – Zwartkops - Confirmed
14 August 2010 – MRC – Phakisa - Confirmed
4 September 2010 - MS 2000 – Kyalami - Confirmed
13 November 2010 – MRC – Midvaal - TBC

The Kyalami for MRC is not yet confirmed.
Phakisa has still not yet been granted their license.
Midvaal also does not have a license.
This calendar must certainly NOT be taken as confirmed as there is still so much pending.

Entry Form for Saturday 13th February 2010

This is your last chance to enter.
As of 27 March all entries will have to be in 14 days prior to the race or late entry penalties will apply.

Zwartkops Entry form 13th Feb
Zwartkops Regs MRC.

Would you like to know something, comment about something?
If you have any queries, questions, suggestions or comments,
please feel free to email us and we will do our best to assist you:

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Post Re: Very Important News For Northern Regional Racing
Got it! Thanx! ;)

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